Hikers near the Kuliouou Ridge Trail are beginning to make some resident's homes their homes.

Resident's say they've been dealing with trash and even people trekking through front yards to borrow garden hoses.

Residents say living next to a tourist attraction definitely has its drawbacks.

“It’s a little difficult for trash to be picked up, mail to be delivered, and sometimes it’s hard for residents to get into their driveways.” Said Kevin Mulkern, Kuliouou Neighborhood Board Representative.  

Trash littering the properties, and noisy hikers are also among concerns.

Neighborhood board members have weighed several options, including shutting the trail down.

They don't want it to come to that, but do ask for common courtesy.

 “Be respectful of people’s property. Park where you’re supposed to park, don't block trash cans, don't block mail boxes, don’t block driveways. Just simply keep the noise level down.” Said Robin Reichert, a resident near the trail.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail is under Department of Land and Natural Resources jurisdiction, and is overseen by its Na Ala Hele Trail and Access program.

Since the State allows the area to be commercially open to hikers - residents suggest providing garbage cans, water fountains, and even porta potties.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says it will not be providing garbage cans because they've found it attracts more people to throw away bulky items.

They also told KITV there's a lack of staffing to maintain the garbage cans.

However, it says it does plan to place signs around the trail soon encouraging hikers to pack out what they pack in.