Got a green thumb?
     Farm-ready agricultural land is now for sale in Central Oahu.

     Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still start farming.

     In the past, pineapple and sugar cane land was planted by big plantations, but in the future the same fields could be filled with crops from small farmers. 

     That could help the state get closer to its goal of doubling Hawaii's food production by the year 2020.

"Our whole history is founded on agriculture. As part of our sustainable initiative we're committed to making a more sustainable Hawaii and food production is a big part of that," said Gov. David Ige.

Aloun Farms is offering 450 acres for sale in small lots between 10-18 acres. On some, sweet onions and broccoli grow, but General Manager Alec Sou says the future could be full of diverse crops going in.

"Some growers could plant tea, have nursery crops, plant stock or even mushrooms. So I think we'll see a prolific combination of crops in this area," stated Sou.

In addition to providing the land, Aloun Farms can also provide expertise and assistance to small farmers to get up and growing.
Aloun Farms needs the help to handle Hawaii's growing appetite for local fruits and vegetables. 

"The demand is continuing to grow. We know what the market can take and what we can deliver and we need more participants to come in. In order to do that, we have to make the ground available and access affordable," said Sou.

     There is a need for more small farmers, and many want to own the fee simple ag land that sells for $75,000 an acre.

"The news just got out several weeks ago and now were dealing with several calls a day. The interest has been very strong from what we've seen," said Sou.

     One of the big selling points of the lots is they come farm-ready, already tilled with irrigation installed.

"If you were to start a farm from the ground up, there would be a lot of hidden costs. Including tilling the ground and all the start up time lost. What we've done here is get in and get it going," added Sou.

    In addition to the small farm lots, Aloun Farms plans to add a produce processing plant and warehouse at the site in the future.