The Kailua boat ramp, parking lot and a section of the nearby beach are off limits while crews work to replenish the sand.

It's a solution to the severe beach erosion we've seen over the years.

You take the sand building up on one side of Kaelepulu stream and redistribute it to the other side near the boat harbor where it has eroded away.

The week-long project kicked off Monday morning.

The Kailua Neighborhood board is behind maintaining a safe beach and redistributing the sand.

What's troubling, is clearing the sand berm blocking Kaelepulu stream.

"We' re concerned about the frequency of the openings and the pollution it's causing to the bay," said Board member Vern Hinsvark.

Kailua resident Leonard Lepine regularly paddles up Kaelepulu stream.

“When you get to the narrow part of the canal about a half a mile up, the stench was really overwhelming,” said Lepine.

Poor circulation in Enchanted Lake is what some say is to blame.

Add to that duck waste and rotting vegetation and you get a smelly mess and high bacteria counts.

"If we want a beautiful beach on a beautiful island that tourist want to go to, we have to protect our resources and I don’t feel dumping all the pollution in the bay is the way to do that,” said Hinsvark.

Longtime residents believe that the water quality in Kailua bay has degraded.

At one time, University of Hawaii researchers tried to trace the source of fecal bacteria looking at cesspools and nearby pump stations and storm drains.

 Kailua residents are calling for more permanent solutions to

keeping the ocean waters clean.

"There are a number of proposals that seem to make a lot of sense for improving the water quality in the lake. What we would hope is there is some movement toward enacting those solutions getting the funding and putting them in place," said Lepine.

Until then, they worry clearing out the sand berm will only be a temporary fix.

The beach may look great as a result of all this earth moving, but they wonder if bacteria counts will soar.

The neighborhood board has asked the city to test the waters in the Kaelepulu prior to clearing out the mouth of the stream.

The state health department doesn't test streams, but does regularly test waters in Kailua and Lanikai.