State Senator Will Espero wants to know why a man he said has been fired from law enforcement in the past, is now an armed security guard for a private firm at Honolulu International airport.

  “The question being is why are we hiring or allowing individuals who have been fired from law enforcement in one agency or one area to be working for a state.” Said Espero.

  Espero said a reliable source told him the officer had previously worked with the Department of Defense in law enforcement for ten years before being terminated.

  Now that Securitas guard is under investigation after shooting and killing a family dog on airport property.

  Espero said he's told the guard was a civilian police officer for the Army, and had a history of being quick to reach for his gun.

  “He was just I guess overly assertive or aggressive when it came to dealing with situations and his firearm as well.” Said Espero.

  The pit bull's owner Leisha Ramos said she wasn’t aware officers at the airport were armed, and said the guard's gun should've stayed in its holster.

  “There was no threat.  The only threat was the security coming with his gun.” Said Ramos.

  A contract between Securitas and the DOT Airport Transportation Division states that Law Enforcement Officers are trained semi-annually on the use of firearms.  They also undergo annual refreshers on approved use of force policy, escalated use of force and deadly force, as well as "Aloha Spirit."

  Also part of the requirement is that they must have two years of previous law enforcement experience.

  KITV reached out to the DOT and Securitas but they declined to comment as the incident is undergoing investigation.