Hundreds of treasures belonging to Princess Regina Kawananakoa are up for auction this weekend. More than 700 pieces of personal property are available for the public to preview at the princess's Hawaii Loa Ridge home through Sunday.
    The 69-year-old noble died in December.  Her royal roots trace back to her great great grandparents, Prince David Kawananakoa -a cousin to King Kalakaua. And Princess Abigail, the heiress to the renowned James Campbell Estate.
     Among the items for sale, ornate fixtures, fine crystal, heirloom jewelry, classic portraits of ali'i and antique furniture.

     "There are some very prominent vintage pieces of koa that seem to have been passed through the royal family," said Alicia Brandt, Oahu Auctions.

    The actual auction is being held online, bidding starts at $10. Organizers said given the shear number of pieces it would take too long to get through live. Interested buyers are thankful for the preview.

     "They're saying, Oh this looks so much larger than it does in the photo. I think it's important that in a sense to kind of come in and get the scale of things," Brandt said.

     Sandy Bangert drove in from Manoa on Saturday to look at some of Kawananakoa's designer purses.

     "To be able to have something that one of the princesses had would be just such a keepsake, just such an honor. So I think it's fabulous that they're opening up this estate to the common the public," said Bangert.

     Crowds that came to sift through items were also taken aback by the princesses home. The 3-story mansion is equipped with lavish features including, an elaborate wine cellar, movie theater and wrap around pool.As for the princesses luxurious castle- it's already been sold.
     The preview will be open to the public from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Sunday. The online auction will wrap up late Sunday afternoon. For more information, visit the "As Seen On" section of KITV.COM.