HONOLULU - Snapping selfies with Honolulu's finest, Sally Yikiko Murata is March's Hawaii MVP. 
"When you get this old, they can't talk bad about you, because she lived a long time, so it must have been good," Murata said. 

KITV first met Sally Murata last June on her regular shift with her neighborhood's citizens patrol.

But at 100 years old, Sally does more than protect family and friends, this Hawaii MVP touches their hearts.

"She's a very gregarious, outgoing individual, and people love her," Joann Murata, Sally's daughter said. 

Sally knows everyone. 

"I get on a bus and within the first conversation, she has 3 or 4 people talking to her," Jim Kramer, Sally's son-in-law said. 

"All of the things that she does, all the good work that she shares with neighbors and friends, were done because of the goodness of her heart," Joann said.

Sally's heart is also in the garden. 

"She's a home gardener, she enjoys using the fresh vegetables from the garden and the fruits from the fruit trees that she grows, for our nutritional program," Joann added. 

She also grows flowers and shares some of mother's nature's bounty with her friends and neighbors.

"Everything is moving all the time, she's working in the yard, everyone stops by and talks to her," Jim said.

Sally's favorite hobby also led her back to the classroom.

"It's so great, she's always the first that comes in class every lecture," Prof. Koon-Hui Wang of an environment agriculture class said. 

Each week, she sits in the front row of Professor Koon-Hui Wang's environment and agriculture class at the UH Manoa. 

Just one of many classes she's taken in recent years.

"You're never too old to learn," Wang said. 

"She adds a whole new dynamic to the classroom," Michelle Au, Sally's classmate said.  

"The young people in class, really take to mom," Joann said. 

With her children and professor as accomplices, time to show Sally how much she means to everyone. She had no idea what's about to happen.

KITV's Priscilla Luong surprised Murata in class with her favorite See's candies and an orchids lei, along with our HELE sponsor, Eric Baranda. 

"We want to thank you for everything you've done in our community and HELE gas stations. Since we have discount movie tickets available, we want to give you 10 movie tickets for you to use with your family, thank you for everything you've done," Baranda said.

Pens down for a moment to say mahalo to Tutu Sally.

And once class ended, KITV had to ask Sally, what's her secret.

"It's no secret, live for today, yesterday is over, today is the one you look, but tomorrow, will be a better day," Murata said.  

Reminding a new generation that the best is yet to come.

"You're going to enjoy your class because all the boys and girls, and they're not kids now, they're boys and girls who are going to lead our country, so i can see them, talk to them, too. It's a good feeling," Murata said. 

Because you can still have fun when you join the century club. 

Sally Yukiko Murata, 100-years young, showing us why 101, just might be the new 21, our March Hawaii MVP.