Treasure hunters take note: the state has millions in unclaimed property, all belonging to past and present residents of Hawaii.

   The state is holding so much, it can't contact every person who has a claim. But KITV will show you how to search for what could be your money.

     The state has a treasure trove it is trying to give away, everything from valuable coins to mounds of money.

     "We have old Hawaiian silver certificate dollars, medals, even antique necklaces. Hopefully, someone will say, 'that's tutu's necklace, nobody knew where it went -- maybe it is here," said Scott Kami, the Administrator for the Financial Administration Division, which oversees the State's Unclaimed Property Division.
      The division receives millions in uncashed paychecks, returned refunds from businesses, and items collected from forgotten safe deposit boxes every year.

"We've been seeing a dramatic increase in the funds reported to the state, now we're getting close to $30 million each year," said Kami.

     With the addition of this year's funds, the state now has $280 million worth of unclaimed property. 
     The division tries to distribute the money back to its rightful owner, and this year, the state paid out 20,000 claims.

"The 20,000 claims paid out would equal $15 million dollars," said Kami.

It is free to look to see if the state has anything of yours. You can call the unclaimed property division or go to their website. Then simply put in a name and see if anything pops up. If it does, print out a claim and return it to the division.

"We get claims from a few dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the average claim is a little over a thousand dollars," stated Kami.
Sometimes, a lucky person will hit the jackpot. Like this year, when the state paid out one of the largest claims ever.

"it was for $321,000. It was life insurance proceeds due to a beneficiary," stated Kami.
You can call the State Unclaimed Property Division at: (808) 586-1589
or log onto the Unclaimed Property website at: