Another option to get through Honolulu is on its way.

“Bikeshare Hawaii is set to launch this Summer. It’s going to be a program of 1,000 bikes and 100 stations between Waikiki and Chinatown." Said President and COO of Bikeshare Hawaii, Ben Trevino.

 The stations will be placed within five-minutes walking distance from each other, so users won't have trouble picking up or dropping off bikes.  The bikes are designed for trips of one to two miles in street clothes.

"To try it out will be $3.50 for one trip. The monthly plan will be about $15 a month for unlimited 30 minute rides, and then $25 a month for unlimited one hour long rides." Said Trevino.

  Locals said they love the idea of Bikeshare being brought to Honolulu, but see it primarily being used by tourists in Waikiki.

The main concern is the lack of bike lanes in that area.

"If you're a tourist and you don't know the city that well, it's really not a good idea to take your chances in traffic around here. There are accidents between cars and bikes - so I'm having trouble picturing the ideal customer." Said local biker, Steve Wyman.

  Despite safety concerns, tourists say the idea of easy access to bikes is appealing.

“We’ve put a lot of miles on these feet, in and out, trying to see everything we possibly can here. I think it’d be a great idea.” Said Ruth Johnson, a visitor to Hawaii.  

  Bikeshare Hawaii said the goal is to provide a cheaper, friendlier, and faster alternative to driving and parking.