Taking a big chunk out of our paychecks, no surprise to many.

According to new study by the website "Go Banking Rates," Hawaii has the highest tax with-holdings in the country.

That study was based off a $50,000 salary.

In Hawaii, experts found that someone with that income will pay about $540 in taxes -- each bi-weekly pay-check.

"It's not a shock to me at all," says one Honolulu resident.

"It's life, you have to pay taxes," adds another.

Tax officials claim a 7.9 percent tax withholding rate is among the highest, but should pay off come tax season.

"If you take more out during the course of the year.. the more likely you are to have something coming back at the end,"  Tax Foundation of Hawaii president, Tom Yamachika said. "Really it's just like lending money to the government at no interest rate."

Although Hawaii drops into third place, when the salary increases to $100,000, according to Go Banking Rates.

With that income, Oregon and California take the top spot for taking the most of paychecks.

Meanwhile, Florida, Texas and Tennessee all tied as the lowest, since they have no state income tax.