CHARLOTTE, N.C. - With fuel spewing from it, American airlines flight 5320 landed safely Wednesday afternoon just minutes after the small 44-passenger CRJ-700 struck a deer on take-off just before noon.

"Oh yeah, we heard the thud when we hit the deer. We didn't know what it was, but we did hear the noise, whatever it was. They later told us it was a deer," said passenger Diane Muellar.

We could see the damage to the right wing.  Passengers tell us once airborne, they made a pass over the airport. So, officials on the ground could visually check the damage. All the while, passengers heard calm assurances from the flight crew.

"In all honestly for a flier who is on planes every week, they did a great job," said Muellar.

Seconds after landing, crews doused it with foam to extinguish any fire threat then let passengers disembark.

Meanwhile, other planes were frozen as the airport handled the emergency. Passengers like Greg Velz snapped photos as they watched from the tarmac.

"They all looked professional.  They all knew what they were doing," said Velz.