The date is set for Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha's retirement. The police commission will now turn its attention to hiring his replacement.

According to the mayor's spokesperson -- it's the police commission that has the authority when it comes to hiring a new chief.

KITV reached out to the commission on Thursday about the specifics of the process but received no response.

However, we did catch up with SHOPO President Tenari Ma'afala who is familiar with the process. He says, typically, it's open enrollment.

Applications are accepted locally as well as from the neighbor islands and the mainland. Officers who apply are usually ranked as Captain or above. The head of the police union also gave his opinion on the type of candidate he believes should get the job.

"From a personal standpoint, it would be great to have someone that's already in the department that knows the inner-making of the department, and of course, a finger on the pulse, if you will, of how the department is today with regards to morale," said Ma'afala, "and in light and in spite of what's happening with the Chief Kealoha and Mrs. Kealoha's investigation."

Despite the investigation, Ma'afala says there's no problem with morale in the department. He pointed to two recent officer-involved shootings that happened in Kahalu'u and Kahuku, saying if there were morale issues -- HPD may have not responded to those situations.

Ma'afala also made it a point to say he thinks the police commission should take its time in selecting the new Police Chief.

Chief Louis Kealoha is expected to officially retire on March 1st.