The City and County of Honolulu just beat developers to the punch, and scooped up prime beachfront land in Kahuku before houses could pop up.

     The views along Kahuku's waterfront golf course are a treat for golfers but were catching the eye of developers, too.
     When the owners announced plans to build about 50 luxury homes there, the city decided it was time to make a move.

     "There's only so much shoreline property on this island. There's only so much of incredibly beautiful beach like this on this island. The potential damage if houses would've been built here would've been irreplaceable," said Mayor Kirk Caldwell.

     It took two years of wheeling and dealing but now the city has closed the 114 acre deal for $12.1 million.

     "I'm very pleased that through the council's leadership and through the mayor's efforts, as well we're finally returning this valuable piece of property back to where this piece of property belongs, to the people," Councilman Ernie Martin said.

     The city used money from the Clean Water and Natural Lands fund.
     It's the same fund that's helped preserve other locations, including Kaiwi Ridge and heiau in Hawaii Kai and Maunawili.

     Council members regulate the fund in an effort to conserve land, in some cases for public use.   

     At Monday's press conference, Councilman Martin tried to rustle up Mayor Caldwell's support on another preservation proposal.

     "Hopefully if we have some funds available, we can grab Malaekahana and end that controversy, as well and then my work is done," Martin exclaimed.

     For now, the focus is on Kahuku. The city encourages the public to come and enjoy the beach.
     The golf course will remain open.