HONOLULU - Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha is on paid leave while federal officials carry out a corruption investigation.  The Honolulu Police Commission decided Wednesday afternoon to extend Chief Kealoha's leave of absence indefinitely.

The commission needs more time to discuss Kealoha's future.  Kealoha's initial leave of absence was for 30 days.  Commissioners will meet again Friday to continue discussing whether to suspend the chief with pay, suspend him without pay or fire him.

The commission went into an executive session Wednesday afternoon.  The acting chief told the commission that the department is trying to keep morale up but it is not easy to see the chief get into trouble.

The acting chief also told the commissioners that four officers received target letters from the FBI and all have been reassigned and are not holding any supervisory positions, which means they are on desk duty.

Commissioners then took testimony from people who called for more openness regarding their decision on Chief Kealoha.  Commissioners ignored pleas from the public to keep the discussion open regarding the chief's fate and went into executive session.