Kaimuki Christian School graduated its first senior class this year, with a size of six people. 

Class sizes are intentionally small to ensure individualized attention, so students can achieve their full potential.

On Wednesday, the 2016 graduates returned to their alma mater for a mural unveiling and dedication ceremony.

Artist Tom Deir created an original mural of a dove poised in flight with an olive branch, flying above the mountains. The dove symbolizes peace, life, and hope. On the olive branch, each leaf has a Bible verse chosen by the six graduates.

Since the school was founded nearly 50 years ago, it recently expanded to include a college preparatory high school.

2016 graduates attending the event are as follows:

  • Charis Ahn (UCLA)
  • Kanoe Fisher (University of Hawaii)
  • McKenzie Gallagher (Wheaton College in Illinois)
  • Tyler Hope (Kapiolani Community College)
  • Kylie Umebayashi (Honolulu Community College)
  • Nichole Yamauchi (University of Hawaii)