Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha received a target letter from the U-S Attorney's office Monday.

Kealoha's criminal defense attorney Myles Breiner confirmed he received a letter.

According to our partners at Civil Beat, the letter said Kealoha is a suspect in the ongoing criminal investigation stemming from the theft of his mailbox in 2013.

Breiner said Kealoha plans to follow departmental protocol and restrict his police authority while the investigation is underway.

"He promised a long time ago that if he ever received a target letter he would voluntarily follow though on the ROPA program, which is the restricted duty program that all HPD officers have to participate in when they are under investigation.  So what that means to the chief I have no idea because I haven't heard of something like this happening in to many places in the United States," said Breiner.

Breiner adds, Kealoha has done nothing wrong and is looking forward to vindication at the end of the day.