HONOLULU - Hawaii concert promoter Tom Moffatt has died at the age of 85.  A close friend told KITV he had been battling prostate cancer.

Moffatt started in radio at KGU in 1952.  Most recently, he was hosting Saturdays on 107.9 Kool Gold.

Hard to believe, but Moffatt almost wasn't a deejay at all.  When he arrived in Hawaii in 1950, he had different plans.  He went to the University of Hawaii to become an attorney.  But, then, he got in the radio class and got a job at a local commercial station after his second year in college.

Moffatt quit school to become a full-time radio deejay at KGU in 1952.  That same year many young Hawaii men were being drafted.  He was also drafted but was a radio announcer at Armed Forces Radio at Tripler Medical Center.

After the war, Moffatt took every opportunity to share music with Hawaii.  He even hosted his own dance show on KITV, which was then KHVH, which aired right after Dick Clark's American Bandstand.  Moffatt says he met Elvis Presley after a marathon shift getting fans ready for the show.

Over the past 64 years, almost every major touring band in the world that came through Hawaii did so with his help.