A group of vandals proved to be true to their word... And that's the problem at Makakilo Community park.
They vandalized the bathrooms Monday and left a note promising they'd be back. Sure enough, they tagged the recreation room Saturday.

"It's just a shame that a public space like this gets treated like this by certain individuals that kind of ruin it for everybody else.  We have families and people who come here all the time and they use this outdoor space for the beauty of what it is," said Joseph Reale of Kapolei.  

Vandalism has been a recurring problem here for the past couple of years. Parents who bring their children to the playground express concerns that the graffiti might be sending a bad message to their children.  

"If the kids see that then they would think it's O.K. to write on walls - thank god they're not reading yet but that would not be O.K. for the kids to see," says a local resident. 

Vandals also painted graffiti on a staff van that was at the park...nearly causing a senior group to miss an event.  
A park down the road and a men's bathroom at Sandy Beach Park were also victims of vandalism this weekend.