Golfers and a golf course are getting back into the swing of things. The Ala Wai golf course driving range is back open.
The driving range has been closed for nearly a year. Undergoing renovations to reduce runoff into the Ala Wai canal.
Jeff Ferry, Director of Golf at Ala Wai Driving Range tell us, "They came in and re-grew the grass. We've brought in all new equipment - new matts, new balls...for the customers to enjoy the new facility.".
The $1.3 million project began in December. The original target date was July. The renovated range is expected to be an improvement all around.  As for the drainage into the canal.
"They've added draining systems that will allow that brackish water to filter before it enters any run-off systems," said Ferry. "It's definitely more environmentally friendly and it's better for customers as well."
The range is now open from 6:30 a.m. until midnight, except on Thursdays. Thursdays are 9 a.m. to midnight.