Have you ever needed that one tool to fix or finish that home project, but didn't want to buy the tool? Now you can borrow tools at HNL Tool Library.

"The tool library is similar to a book library, but it has tools instead.  So if you'd like to borrow tools like you borrow books from a library this is the place where you want to be,” said Elia Bruno.

Bruno, a senior at UH Manoa studying Sustainability started and runs the HNL Tool Library. He said the mission is to help people save money and to encourage more efficient use of resources.

Located at Re-use Hawaii in Kakaako, HNL Tool Library offers access to hundreds of hand and power tools to help finish that do-it-yourself job.

"When you look at the carbon footprint from a tool, the carbon footprint doesn't really come from the use of the tool, it comes from the manufacture and shipment of the tools,” said Bruno. “So if we reduce that by sharing the tools, we are actually saving 98 percent of the carbon footprint that come from these assets."

For a minimal yearly membership fee, members may borrow tools up to a week for at-home use.

HNL Tool Library has been in business since mid-November and keeps growing thanks to donations from individuals and organizations. The goal is to expand beyond tools.

"If we can do it with tools, why can’t we do it with camping equipment, kitchen appliances, board games, costumes?” said Bruno. “The more we share, the more we have."

To learn more about the HNL Tool Library visit www.HNLTOOLLIBRARY.ORG