HONOLULU - Mark Machosky said he was helping a friend with a boat at the Keehi Marine Center Monday, when he saw something troubling.

He says workers at the boat yard were pressure washing a 60-foot sailboat they had just pulled out of the water when all the runoff went pouring into the harbor.

"As they were spraying all the paint off, all the paint was getting diluted into the water and it was racing right in to the ocean. I was shocked when I saw this because I was seeing clean, clear water was turning bright blue from the paint," said Machosky.

He said he was worried because marine paint can be toxic to marine life and he didn't enough precautions were being taken to prevent the discharge.

"They design them this way so barnacles and organic life don’t stick to the boat and if they are blasting all this stuff off in the water, the fish in the water are being contaminated," said Machosky.

He believes the company has the responsibility to make sure it's not polluting the ocean.

"The barriers that are in place don’t look adequate it looks like it needs to be redone and there are low spots that drain into the ocean," said Machosky.

State health officials said the facility has a discharge permit on file but there are restrictions including a list of activities that are prohibited when it’s raining.  Tuesday morning there was no noticeable trace of any paint residue along the dock that we could see but state officials said they were planning to follow up.

Calls to Keehi Marine Center for comment weren’t returned.