Iwilei, HAWAII -    Sex on the streets, it's a sight bystanders say they're seeing way too much of among Hawaii's homeless. 

   Residents in Iwilei tell KITV nudity, intercourse and violent arguments happen regularly in their neighborhood.   

   "From our building looking down it's nasty! I don't know what's happening with life now days," said resident Henrietta Rodrigues. 

   Tenants at the Iwilei Senior Residence complex have a front row view to all of it inside an expanding tent city across the street.
    Residents also complain about confrontations while walking in the area. One woman was recently physically assaulted. 
    But among the trash and smell of human feces, residents said the most shocking circumstance by far are lewd acts they've seen in broad daylight. 
    "We have sexual things happen like in the front of Salvation Army, the doorway, they had sex there and then just a couple days ago they had sex right there by their tents," Rodrigues explained. 

     Linda and Merv Witherup say they try and avoid crossing paths with the homeless by mapping out their walks.
     "You think twice about where you're going, how you're going to get there and what you might encounter on the way so you don't want to aggravate people, you don't want to interfere with their life," said Linda Witherup.

      From their balcony, the Witherup's can hear fighting on the streets ramp up late at night. Between that and the mess, they've had it!

     "You should not have the right to throw around garbage the way they do, take over the sidewalks the way they do and have no responsibility with respect to taxes or anything else," said Merv Witherup. 

      City councilman Joey Manahan says a proposal to impose a sit lie ban to address the situation there is being drafted.

      Public lewdness is a criminal act punishable by up to a year in jail.