HONOLULU - With Election Day less than two weeks away, the candidates for Honolulu Mayor addressed the Chinese-American community at a forum held in Chinatown.

Community members and supporters, gathered inside the New Empress Restaurant at Chinatown Culture Plaza Sunday afternoon, as Charles Djou and Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell both took the stand.

Addressing issues of interest, Djou focused on three key factors he says are important to him and the community: fixing the rail, reducing the number of homeless, and restoring a sense of trust and ethics back into city hall.

"You have a real clear choice, in this upcoming election.. you have a choice to continue on the same path of doing more of the same and continue along the status quo, or doing better.. changing the direction of our community," Djou said. 

Caldwell, focusing on the rail and homeless, as well, also spoke about bringing services such as bike-share, broadband, and new senior residences to the Chinatown-area.

"I'm here to ask for your support, so I can come back for another four years to continue to build the infrastructure, to make this a place where we thrive well into another 100 years from now," Caldwell said at Sunday's forum.

Some of the other candidates in attendance at the Chinatown forum were John Carroll who is running for U.S. Senate, Shirlene Ostrov for First Congressional District of Hawai'i, and Al Frenzel, a representative for GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump.