Move over dinosaurs, drones are taking over the famous Kualoa Ranch.

The valley is known for its role in Jurassic Park and Godzilla, but this year it's hosting the World Drone Racing Championship.

High speed and hand-controlled, this competition just might be a glimpse at the future of racing.

"It's nerve racking. It's crazy," Team Hawaii's pilot, Philip Cadiz said.

Drone racing captured the eye of Hawaii Native, Philip Cadiz more than a year ago.

"You just have to block out everything and focus, focus on the race," Cadiz said

Now relishing the chance to compete head-to-head against pilots from more than 30 countries, Cadiz says he's excited to be racing on home turf.

"I get to stay home and represent," Cadiz said.

"When we came here to Hawaii, and we came to Kualoa Ranch we were like 'Oh, the is an epic location.' Great Eye Candy," Drone Sports Association chairman, Scot Refsland PH.D said.

Eye Candy that's not just capturing the attention of competitors, but tourists, as well.

"Kualoa is saying a number that I don't really- I"m like 'Wow, that catastrophic,' so I haven't a clue of what's going to happen. This is the first kind of international event so we don't have any idea," Refsland said.

Today it's racing, but the Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development says tomorrow opportunities could soar, possibly all the way into the lucrative space tourism business.

"This is certainly one of the launch pads, you might say, moving forward for this type of industry and many type of applications over the next three to five years will clearly put Hawaii at the forefront of aerospace research and development," Hawaii Office of Aerospace Development's program director, Jim Crisafulli said.

Depending on this years turnout, Drones Sports Association says they may look into making the event even bigger next year.

"I hope this thing blows up like NASCAR and stuff like that, like surfing. Right now it's still the beginning, but it's growing," Cadiz adds.

Competition will continue through Saturday, October 22, 2016.

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