HONOLULU - Job seekers and business owners hoping to learn more about the budding medical marijuana industry attended a certification training conference today at the Modern Hotel in Waikiki. The United Food and Commercial Workers Union 480 partnered with a University out of Colorado that conducts training and certification courses across the country. 

Clover Leaf University led the educational program focusing on the cannabis industry. Pat Loo, President UFCW Local 480 says Hawaii's medical marijuana industry will need trained workers who understand the challenges of the market. "Part of that is a safe environment. Right now I think the state is looking at testing. There's pieces in the law that says they have to have a tracking system from seed to sale. Where was the origin of that seed? And there's testing in itself to check for pesticides, insecticides, sometimes heavy metals." Casey Rothstein is the Chief Operating Officer of Kauai's only authorized dispensary, Green Aloha. "We're really happy that there is a certification and education program being done. We're excited to see interest in the industry and we feel like the more education people have about the benefits of marijuana, the more education people have Who are looking to work in the industry, the more successful and the better the industry will be for the patients."

About 100 people attended the 6 hour certification seminar which covered Hawaii laws, job opportunities and operations in the medical marijuana industry.