WAIKIKI, Hawaii -      School just got cooler for students at Jefferson Elementary in Waikiki. 
     The Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association donated 32 air conditioners and fans that'll help fend off the campus's blistering heat. 

     "Classrooms average temperature was between 82 and 87 degrees, so it was pretty hot in the classrooms," Principal Garret Zakahi said. 

     HLTA said volunteer engineers from the industry spent three weekends putting the new devices in place. 

     "We really want to make sure they're in a proper learning environment where it's cool, it's conducive for them and getting as much education as possible in an environment where they can study in," said Mufi Hannemann, President & CEO, Hawai'i Lodging & Tourism Association 
     For years, the Department of Education has pushed for more funding from the legislature to help the state's overheated schools. HLTA said it opted to do it's part to pitch in and kicked off 'Project Cool'. The initiative is a part of a partnership with Charity Buy Line that stemmed from last year's Charity Walk. 
     Third grader Jackylyn Oasay is thrilled about the chilly addition at her school. 

     "If we're hot then we won't focus on our work. We'll just drink water, scratch...drink water, scratch," said Oasay. 

     With limited state funds available to keep Hawaii's schools cool, other donors have stepped up to the plate in the past.
     Just this past May, Makaha and Wai'anae Elementary Schools received $20,000 worth of AC units. 

     Everyone at Jefferson Elementary is grateful for the much needed cool down and there's hope for more installations in the future.