Helping Hawaii become a home for cutting edge companies.
The State High Technology Development Corporation's boost of local businesses may also hike Hawaii's bottom line.

High tech start ups get a helping hand at the Manoa Innovation Center. 

"Tech is in everything now. We have a number of good companies but they need a jump start," said High Technology Development Corporation Executive Director Robbie Melton.  

For example: Resurgo, a cyber engineering start up that is now tackling a major project that could impact millions around the country. 

"A cyber security defense for the electrical grid," said Resurgo President Kevin Jordan.

Jordan felt Hawaii was a good place to launch his company.
"From the cyber defense perspective, it is an ideal location because the government is the biggest client of cyber defense capabilities," stated Jordan.

But Hawaii's high tech industry has some limitations, including enough qualified workers.

"We're really pushing the envelope. We want to grow the economy and help children find interesting jobs right here in Hawaii," said Melton.
The industry is getting a boost from a Hawaii initiative that aims to add 80,000 high tech jobs by the year 2030. That could also provide a big boost to the economy.

"The great thing about tech companies is they provide higher wages for their workers," said Melton.

Tech education company Dev League sprang to life so students could fill much-needed positions in computer software and programming.

"If we were going to have a robust ecosystem of software companies, we needed a deep talent pool of capable people who could work for those companies," said Co-Founder Jason Sewell.

Like other start ups at the Manoa Innovation Center, Dev League not only rented space for teaching tech but grew in an environment of collaboration.

"We have access to mentorship and partnerships with HTDC. We are also around other software companies - which provide mentorship with students or hire graduates. We are with like minded people in our network, so it has been very valuable," said Sewell.

Dev league has been so successful the business may soon outgrow its current space in Manoa. It plans to launch three new tracks of accelerated learning next year, including a cybersecurity boot camp. 

In the future, the Manoa campus won't be the only center of innovation.
A public-private partnership plans to open an Entrepreneur Sandbox in Kakaako aimed at inspiring new ideas and businesses, while additional high-tech parks are also being developed around the state.