It's reality blended with virtual reality.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is introducing a new virtual reality tour experience using 360-degree live action footage that instantly drops the viewer into Hawaii from anywhere around the world.
"Its' interactive, its informative, its innovative, as well as inspiring," said HTA Vice President, Leslie Dance.

Hawaii VR combines cinematic virtual interactivity with virtual sightseeing of Hawaii's landscapes, allowing viewers to feel and experience Hawaii without actually having to be there.                                                        

"To make people understand what it feels like to be in hawaii.  If they understand there's a real genuine experience to be had that's not the ordinary tourism experience that's what we want to take away," said John Sereni, Management Supervisor of MNVP.

HTA is hoping this new and unique marketing tool, gets the next generation excited about the islands.

"We have to think about, even though we had five great years of tourism we have to think about the future.  And we can't rest on our laurels.  We have to come with new things and new ways to attract that next generation of traveler and get them to come here and keep coming back and going to every island," said Dance.