LIHUE, Hawaii - It's one of the tallest waterfalls in Hawaii it's also illegal to jump from it but that's exactly what one man did. Wailua Falls is listed as having a 200 foot drop according to the State of Hawaii Data Book, although other measurements of the falls are listed on other websites.

Shiloh Shahan had been living in Hawaii for a year and a half and was getting ready to move back to California. Before leaving, his friend took him to see Wailua Falls on Kauai. He posted his jump from last week on YouTube.

"I titled the video 'leap of faith,' what's going through my mind is alright, this is it I'm ready, like when I say I'm ready, I'm talking to like a higher power if there's one," said Shahan. "I remember in the air, it took a full second to come back and I remembered to point my feet so I didn't hit the water like concrete but I forgot to put my hands and neck down so when I hit the water my head snapped back and it knocked me out."

What Shahan did is against the rules. The area is fenced off there are signs up warning people to stay out. Shahan said he saw the falls and he felted compelled to go over. The impact with the water knocked him unconscious. Luckily, a group of tourists swam out to rescue him when they saw him floating.

"I remember coming to, like getting out of the water and I didn't remember my name where I was, I was completely like I mean reborn in a way," said Shahan.

The Garden Island Newspaper spoke to the three tourists who helped pull Shahan out of the water, one of them is a lifeguard. Shahan calls the event, spiritual.

"I didn't have any recollection of who I was where I was at and then they told me I jumped off and I said 'I did that, cool'."

Shahan says paramedics showed up to help but he was able to walk out on his own. He said he was stuck in bed for two days after tearing some muscles. Shahan flew back to California this week, one week after jumping.

The Kauai Visitor's Bureau reminds the public, the area above the falls is off limits. A spokesperson said what Shahan did is inappropriate, unrespectful, and something they never want to see. The Department of Land and Natural Resources says violators can face fines if caught.