HONOLULU - Leaders from around the globe are here in Hawaii for the 2016 IUCN World Conservation Congress. 

Over 9,000 people, from 190 countries around the world, are in Honolulu for the 2016 International Union of Conservation And Nature's World Conservation Congress. 

The opening ceremony began with a series of chants-- which hold the origins, history, culture, and stories of the Hawaiian Islands.

Leaders from around the globe gave their speeches, including U.S. Secretary of The Interior Sally Jewell, the President of Palau, and Hawaii Governor David Ige. 

The focus of this year's convention is on nature-based climate solutions, wildlife trafficking, private financing for public good, ocean sustainability, empowering younger generations.. And preparing Hawaii for a better future:

"I'm committed to doubling Hawaii's food production by 2020," said Gov. David Ige.

Conservationists, scientists, and activists will deliberate for the next 10 days.. to find ways to protect Hawaii's sensitive ecosystem, and to discuss broader conservation goals for the rest of the planet.