HONOLULU - As customers walked up to Genki Sushi in Kapahulu, many were surprised to see workers cleaning up instead of serving dinner.

"I'm kind of bummed, I mean my mother and I were about to eat here tonight," said Amanda Shigeoka, a regular customer at Genki Sushi.

State Heath officials issued this statement-- "The Department of Health has determined the Hepatitis A outbreak on Oahu is likely due to imported frozen scallops served raw at Genki Sushi Restaurants on Oahu and Kauai. The restaurants have been closed tonight to prevent any further illness and protect the public."

"I'm glad they found the cause of it, I was about to get my vaccination, so that's good," said Debra Tsutomi, another regular customer.

According to the Genki Sushi website, the company has 10 restaurants on Oahu and one location on Kauai.

Doctors at Island Urgent Care say if you've eaten contaminated food, you can protect yourself if you get the Hepatitis A vaccine within two weeks, and killing off the virus in food can be tricky

"To kill it you have to cook your food to a temperature of 185, for at least one minute, and freezing doesn't kill it, so it's a hearty virus," said Dr. Robert Ruggieri, a physician and the owner of Island Urgent Care.

Dr. Ruggieri says it can also take a while for patients to show signs of Hepatitis A. 

"15 to 50 days," said Dr. Ruggieri, "so it can show up in a couple of weeks, or it can show up in almost 2 months, so it can take a long time."

According to CDC, symptoms include fever, nausea, abdominal pain, & jaundice. CDC says patients can be sick up to 6 months in extreme cases, but symptoms usually go way within 2 months.

Despite the scare, many regular patrons say the scallops won't keep them away from Genki.

"I will definitely wait, hopefully until it's clear, and everything is okay before I go back," said Shigeoka. 

KITV reached out to Genki Sushi's corporate office, but no one returned our request for comment. State health officials held a press conference with updated information at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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