HONOLULU - Francine Kornegay lives under the airport viaduct.  She recalls a painful dog attack that happened more than a year ago as she rode her bicycle near the old Containerland store in Kalihi.

"Someone from the bus terminal called the police and ambulance. They showed up shortly after I got attacked," said Kornegay.

She said she doesn't blame the dogs, but believes a man let three dogs out from behind a fenced area and two of the pit bull mixes attacked her.

"The actual accident wasn't taken seriously, even though I was attacked. I was in a wheel chair. I couldn't walk. I couldn't take care of myself," said Kornegay.

Kornegay doesn't know of the dogs that attacked her, were the same ones involved in the fatal attack of Cris Aliado two weeks ago.

But the owners at Containerland acknowledge they tried to help Kornegay who was taken to Tripler for treatment.  They checked up on her, paying for her antibiotics, and had brought her food to help her out.

The family said they were not present at either of the attacks, so don’t know for sure if the same dogs were involved.  They had five dogs and two died last year. They said one of them may have been poisoned.

They told KITV they feel terrible about both attacks.  They're keeping the dogs at home now. They don't want to say where they live, but assure us the dogs are being kept in kennels which has been  doublely secured so they can’t escape.

Under an agreement with the Humane Society they are not to walk the dogs in their neighborhood.  The family said they are struggling with the thought they may have to put their dogs down.

They just want to understand what led to the attack on Aliado.  The owners hope the case can be resolved soon -- for everyone's sake.