(AP) - Canceled Game-Lawsuit
UNDATED (AP) - Several fans who traveled to Canton, Ohio for the Hall of Fame game that was canceled on Sunday night because of poor field conditions are planning to sue the NFL and the Hall.
Attorney Michael Avenatti, who represented ticket holders for the 2011 Super Bowl who wound up without seats in Dallas, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that no fewer than 20 individuals have approached him about a class-action lawsuit. He said his firm has fielded another 10 calls about seeking further reimbursements, including travel expenses.
Avenatti said his clients are from a variety of states, including Wisconsin and Indiana, who came to see the Packers play the Colts.
The game was canceled after paint congealed and hardened on portions of the field at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.
Red Sox-Ortiz Bobblehead
BOSTON (AP) - The Boston Red Sox canceled a David Ortiz bobblehead promotion Tuesday night when the figurine turned out to be "racially insensitive," says team president Sam Kennedy.
The bobblehead depicts Ortiz addressing fans at Fenway Park following the Boston Marathon bombings, but Kennedy says it didn't much resemble the retiring slugger and was not fit for distribution.
The giveaway was supposed to be for the first 15,000 fans at Tuesday's game against the Yankees. To make up for the inconvenience, any fan holding a ticket to the game will be able to get a new Ortiz bobblehead once they are reproduced.
The rejected bobblehead was made by BDA, Inc., and it will also produce the replacements. The company did not respond to a request for comment.
Facebook-Ad Blockers
NEW YORK (AP) - Facebook is blocking ad blockers on the desktop version of its service, saying well-made, relevant ads can be "useful."  
At the same time, the world's biggest social media company says it is giving users easier ways to decide what types of ads they want to see -  unless, of course, the answer is "none."  
Ad blockers filter out ads by refusing to display images that originated with a known ad server. But Facebook has found a way around this. Beginning Tuesday, the desktop version of Facebook will show users ads even if they have ad blockers installed. The changes do not affect the mobile Facebook app, which brings in the bulk of the company's advertising revenue.
BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - Yoga instructors have held classes for over 600 practitioners on Budapest's Freedom Bridge in an effort to popularize the discipline and practice it in a unique location.
The bridge was temporarily closed for traffic due to renovations in June and has become a trendy hangout place since then, hosting parties and small concerts.
A dozen instructors held simultaneous classes there Tuesday, laying their mats on the tram tracks on the bridge that crosses the Danube River.
Instructor Judit Varga said they chose Freedom Bridge for their activities "because a special location has a special vibe. Since its closure, the bridge has become a community center, a place to make connections."
Participant Kinga Dory, 25, said the views of Budapest from the bridge gave the classes an added attraction.
Sailors Stranded
SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) - A legal battle over debt has left a cargo ship and its 15-member crew stuck off the coast of Georgia for nearly four months.
U.S. marshals seized the Newlead Castellano in mid-April after it sailed into Savannah to offload a shipment of imported sugar. A judge ordered the ship idled while creditors sued the ship's owner, saying they were owed $7.1 million.
That left the crew of mostly Filipino sailors confined to the 590-foot vessel because they lacked visas allowing them to come ashore.
The ship's first officer, Cecilio Calo Yting, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the crew is well, though he complained of boredom. He said they have been well fed.
They should go home soon. The ship was sold at auction Monday.
Faux Reindeer Meat
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - This might be an only-in-Alaska problem: A restaurant in Fairbanks that has told customers since 2013 it was serving reindeer tenderloin was actually giving them elk.
And now The Pump House has been fined $50,000 by the state for mislabeling the meat.
The parent company of the restaurant agreed to pay the criminal fine, donate $10,532 to three non-profit food groups and publically apologize.
Restaurant co-owner Vivian Bubbel (buh-BEL') says an advertisement with the apology ran Saturday in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. She says the restaurant would have no additional comment.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation investigated. An employee reported the restaurant had not served reindeer in the years he worked there and the restaurant manager confirmed the use of elk.
The menu described reindeer tenderloin as "similar to caribou and raised in Western Alaska where they are harvested by the Native people."
The meat actually came from elk in New Zealand.

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