HONOLULU - The viral mobile game Pokemon Go has inspired local comedian Frank De Lima to create lyrics sung to the song "The Candy Man."

"You know, the parodies they call them, I've been doing for years.  'Lucille' was my first.  But, even through school, you know, kids they make parodies.  Take a song and they change the words, you know, and do rhymes and so forth," said De Lima.  "So, I've always had that in me.  So, when I started in my career, I had a couple of songs and I just thew it on stage and then I did a lot of imitating.  The parodies are perfect because you can take whatever's happening in our society, in our lives, and you just read the story and fit it to the popular tunes."

De Lima's lyrics are fun and catchy, but some of it also serves as a reminder to watch where you're going when you're trying to catch 'em all.