HONOLULU - You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. With National Ice Cream Day coming up on Sunday, some residents got an early treat on this Aloha Friday. KITV's Maleko McDonnell shows us a unique way some keiki got to enjoy a hot summer day.

It seems like there's a Holiday for everything, in fact every day on the calendar is reserved for something. And while National Tempura Day - (Celebrated on January 7th) may sound a little flaky... EVERYONE can get behind National Ice Cream Day. Uber Hawaii's Tabatha Chow talks about a special promotion for the holiday. "This is Uber Ice Cream. This is our third year doing Uber Ice Cream here in Hawaii. It's our largest global promotion in Uber history."

Uber, The popular ride-sharing app was busy delivering a lot more than rides on Friday. National Ice Cream day actually falls on July 17th, but why wait?
These kids didn't seem to mind celebrating a little early. Chow says "Uber ice cream is really about celebrating cities and celebrating something that we all have in common. A shared love for ice cream."

The desert delivery celebration actually happens in over 400 cities and 69 countries this year. Users simply open the app on their smart phones, set their location and click on the ice cream tab. Pricing varies, but so does the delivery method. This group of Keiki got theirs via canoe. Chow explains "Definitely canoes are especially for Hawaii. We have drones in some places this year. We're delivering by land, air and sea in several cities."

Nathaniel Hall II was visiting from Los Angeles and saw the spectacle on the beach. "That sounds awesome. That means I need to be searching for this app right now. My daughter will love it. She said anything with ice cream even if she doesn't like it. If it had ice cream on the back she'll eat it." *laughing*