WASHINGTON (AP) - The Senate's No. 2 Republican said presidential candidate Donald Trump and GOP senators had a "good exchange."
Texas Republican John Cornyn tells reporters that he sensed encouraging signs that Trump is learning from his experience as a presidential candidate and that he's willing to listen to "those of us who've made some constructive suggestions."
Cornyn also said his colleagues "were candid about some of the reasons for concern in terms of (Trump's) tone and style." Cornyn said. He added that Trump made "an interesting point" that he's generated a lot of enthusiasm and tapped into something that no Republican nominee for president has done before.
Trump met with House Republicans before heading over to meet with the senators.
Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent said after the meeting that Trump "has a lot of work to persuade many Americans, including myself, that he is able to lead this great country." And Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger said there was a lack of enthusiasm in the room - "You could feel it"
But Georgia Congressman Tom Price says Trump delivered a "great unifying speech" to House Republicans and hit on key GOP themes. And he says rank-and-file Republicans were receptive.