FAA records show that the pilot Damien Horan was hired by D & J Air Adventures last February.

Horan moved here from Australia and was certified to fly single engine and multi engine planes there.

The Belfast Telegraph and Irish Daily Mirror are reporting Horan is from Tullamore, Ireland.

Those who knew him posted tributes online.

 "To a true gent. May you rest in peace," wrote one friend.

Another expressed shock after learning of the loss.

"Never have I met such a driven genuine bloke! My heart feels like its shattered in a million pieces. You were such a good friend."

 The newspapers report Horan's mother is American and his family from Ireland came from a long generation of stone cutters who would craft tombstones.

A county councilman is quoted as saying, "They are a well-known decent and hardworking family. The whole community will rally around the Horan family."

Meanwhile relatives of the two Cabe brothers--Phillip and Marshall confirmed that sadly their father Michael witnessed the crash that day,

The young men were visiting their dad who lives on Kauai.

Phillip had just graduated from Oklahoma's Cameron University.

Their mother reached out to KITV to share her how a brother's bond is more powerful than death.

Laura Bettis tells KITV the boys got matching tattoos that say "I promise" on the length of their torso, after seeing the move Charlie St; Cloud-- a story about the promise one brother made to his dying sibling that they would always be brothers.

Just like his friends told us Philip’s mother said he was always willing to listen and was eager to lend a helping hand.

“From the moment you met Philip, you had a friend for life,” Betis said.

She added Marshall was always eager to entertain and provide a good laugh, often at his own expense, never at the expense of others. “Light, love and laughter followed wherever he went,” she wrote.

A mother struggling to put her grief in words, unable to speak just yet.