HONOLULU -     As Hokule'a sails around the world, there's a soon to be released iPad app that allows children to learn the importance of caring for the earth while going on a voyage of their own.

     The app is called My Voyage Malama Honua.  It will be released soon by the Ho'omalamalama Foundation. It teaches children about how Polynesians used nature to build their canoes.  It challenges them to build a canoe of their own, in a fun way that integrates math, reading geography and logic.

     The students at the Malama Honua Public Charter School have been test driving the app.

     Their teachers provided leadership in its development.

Denis Espania is the Director of the school.  She said “This app really does take all of our vision about having stewards of our Earth to both practice at school as well as an opportunity to engage on line, that they can take with them in the summer and go huaka’I and beyond.”

       Ann Botticelli is with the Ho’omalamalama Foundation. She said the app, “was done in a way that was educationally sound so the school’s participation was important. Also was a way through technology and the internet to let as many people around the world as possible know about this fantastic voyage and this mission.”

      As the students go on their mission, they learn the most important lesson of all: to Malama Honua, or care for the Earth.  And they have fun while learning.

The app will be released soon.  You can get it for an introductory price of 99 cents, by signing up for it at www.malamahonua.com

Proceeds will go to creating future voyaging apps, as well as to support the Polynesian Voyaging Society and the Malama Honua Public Charter School.