HONOLULU - If you walk into Dean's Drive-in in Kaneohe, and take a good look at the details, you'll find it's pretty clear that the owner, Dean Mishima, loves turtles and tortoises.

Mishima loves the animal so much, a tortoise even lives at his restaurant! Mr. Smith is a 30-pound sulcata tortoise, who's been the mascot at Dean's Drive-in for the past five years.  

"He's really spoiled," said Mishima, "he doesn't like a head of lettuce, he likes spring mix, or Nalo greens, he's a spoiled turtle." 

Friday morning, Mr. Smith's cage and sat empty at the drive-in. He went missing Thursday. 

"We couldn't find anywhere that he could escape," said Mishima. 

Mishima turned to his restaurant's surveillance video.  Daytime video from Thursday shows a man wandering behind the restaurant near Mr. Smith's cage and pen.  The man was wearing light colored shorts, a dark colored t-shirt, slippers, and a baseball cap.

Then on Thursday night, surveillance shows video of a man, dressed in a similar outfit with his face covered.  He wanders by the pen, and walks off with a box. Mishima believes Mr. Smith was in that box, and wants him back! 

"Mr. Smith is like our family here," said Mishima. 

If you know anything that can help Dean get his tortoise back, call police.