HONOLULU - Former Honolulu mayor Peter Carlisle announced Friday morning he will run for mayor, again.

Carlisle held the office from 2010-2012.  Current mayor, Kirk Caldwell beat him in 2012 mayoral election.  Carlisle came in third.

As Carlisle addressed the media, he criticized Caldwell’s performance.

“There’s not much to be proud of in terms of what has happened in the last four years,” said Carlisle.

Carlisle also took a stab at Caldwell’s spending.

“I am not a partisan politician, I do not spend other people’s money extravagantly or foolishly,” said Carlisle.

During the announcement, Carlisle emphasized his support for the rail project, but not the way it's been handled.

“There’s an effort now to get it back in the hands of city council,” said Carlisle, “the whole idea of rail was to keep it out of the city council.”

He also talked about his ideas to fight the city's homeless problem.

“You have to have compassion for some of the people you’re dealing with,” said Carlisle, “some of them are criminals, they should be treated like criminals.”

Carlisle also stresses he will only serve one term and that’s a promise he made to his wife.

“I feel that with one term, I will be able to get it done,” said Carlisle.

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