TANGIER ISLAND, Va. - The Polynesian Voyaging Society's (PVS) Hokule'a crewmembers were welcomed to Virginia's Tangier Island Monday morning. They were accompanied by two Tangier locals including Tangier Island mayor and waterman James "Ooker" Eskridge, on their sail over from Reedville,Va. where Hokulea docked overnight after departing from Yorktown, Va. 

The crew engaged with the community through canoe tours and a short discussion on climate change. PVS leadership, along with David Schulte, a marine biologist with the US Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District, participated in a discussion conducted by sixth grade students from Virginia's Northumberland County. As part of a Community Problem Solving team, the students were assigned to find and work on an issue affecting Chesapeake Bay, for the upcoming school year. The students learned how climate change has increased the rate at which Tangier Island is succumbing to sea level rise and erosion, and actively became involved in spreading awareness about the situation and helping to raise funds for the community.

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