The Polynesian voyaging canoe Hokule'a and her crew are back in the U.S.  But, their voyage is far from over.

Hokule'a arrived in Key West, Florida where the crew and the canoe went through customs to be allowed back into the U.S.  They visited artist Wyland at his galleries and watched as he painted a honu, or turtle, for them.

Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson says their next stop is the Everglades -- the third largest national park in the country.

"It's the largest wetland in the country.  It's also a World Heritage site and it also has the legacy of being an amazing ecological system unlike anywhere on Earth and yet it almost got destroyed by development.  Overdevelopment, in my opinion, in the Florida Coast in draining the Everglades of its water ad its life," said Thompson.

The canoe will spend the next few months traveling along the Eastern U.S. coast.