Another historic milestone for the Hokule'a!  She sailed inland through the Okeechobee Waterway in Florida.

She traveled through Lake Okeechobee, which is about the size of Maui, and five locks.  Locks are waterway systems used for raising and lowering watercraft between bodies of water of different levels.

"Right now, Hokule'a, for the first time, is sitting in a calm water 10 feet above sea level.  First time ever.  We came into two locks, so we're lifting it up.  Up this tiny mountain in the middle of Florida," said Master Navigator Nainoa Thompson.

After Hokule'a completes the 132-nautical mile inland route, it will go from the Gulf of Mexico on Florida's West Coast to the East Coast's Atlantic Ocean.  It'll also be the first time that the pioneering canoe will have sailed through a U.S. state other than Hawaii.