HONOLULU - Call it a Homeless How-to.  Monday the American Civil Liberties Union Hawaii Foundation announced the publication of a "Know Your Rights" guide to help homeless targeted by city sweeps.  It contains information including what do if property is taken away.

Tanu Wells lives on the streets near Iwilei. He's knows the drill when city crews move in for a homeless sweep.

"Usually we have to break it down pack what we have left then after a couple hours we come back and rebuild," says Tanu Wells, Homeless

Now the ACLU is coming out with a guide to help others deal with sidewalk crackdowns.

"We did think that this "know your rights" guide is a real positive step to make sure at the very least, people knew what their rights were when encountering city officials during sweeps," says Daniel Gluck, American Civil Liberties Union

The organization has been at odds with the city and filed a federal lawsuit claiming the city illegally destroyed personal property after sweeps.
The rules are defined now. 

"The city has to store just about everything it comes across.  it can't just go through and throw things away as it's doing the sweeps," says Gluck.

The know your rights guide also explains what happens if the city takes away a homeless persons wooden pallets.

"They've told people that if your pallets do get swept in a city enforcement action, that people can just go to the Halawa base yard and pick up new ones." says Gluck
"That would be great if they take our palettes then we can get new ones," says Wells.

Right now the guide is online.  A printed version with several language translations will be available soon.  The guide also has information about local shelters, community resources and voting rights for the homeless.