HONOLULU - A state supreme court ruling will make the Koa Ridge Housing development—a reality.

“Finally, we get to go and do what we do,” said Harry Saunders, President of Castle and Cooke, “and that’s build homes.”  

The 4-to-1 ruling allows Castle and Cooke to turn break ground on a development that would bring 3500 new homes to Oahu.  Saunders says the project will break ground next year.

The project has been years in the making, but re-classifying the land from agricultural to urban, stirred some controversy.

“Taking this land out of production and putting housing on it is not a smart way to go,” said Anthony Aalto, of the Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club has been in a legal battle with Castle and Cooke over the past decade, Aalto says 20% of Hawai’i’s produce is grown in Koa Ridge.

“Traffic on the H-2 is already incredibly bad, I can’t imagine how much worse it’s going to be when we have another 3500 homes planted,” said Aalto.

The Sierra Club thinks it makes more sense to place the development close to the rail route, but developers say with 2500 jobs coming with this development—commuting may not be necessary.

One bedroom units will start around $300,000.  If all goes well. the development will be completed by 2018.