TITUSVILLE, Fla. - With brisk winds blowing, the crew made sure the sails were ready and in place, but they weren't to be used today.  Since arriving in Florida, Hokule'a has traveled through the Everglades and other areas that proved to be a first.  That includes a bridge that lifted so Hokule'a could make it through.

Seven hours later, we pulled into the Titusville Marina.  Dozens of people dotted the shoreline to welcome the canoe.  At dockside, dozens more watch as crew members shared their aloha with them.

This crew's leg has come to an end.  Kawika Crivello has been on the canoe since January sailing nearly 4,000 miles.

"Bittersweet ending.  I'm happy to go home and see my family.  But, the family that we built over the months we've been really close.  Too close to leave," said Crivello.

A new crew will leave Friday on the canoe for Charleston, S.C.