HONOLULU - After two years abroad, the Hokule’a Voyaging Canoe is officially back on US waters.

Crews landed in Everglades City, FL early Saturday morning.

Greeted by members from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the crew took a moment to pay their respects to the area's native people and the National Park Service.

“There were stewards here for thousands of years before all of us,” said Nainoa Thompson, navigator and president of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, “and that would be indigenous people, that would be native people.”

The voyaging canoe left Hilo two years ago to spread awareness about conservation of our oceans, but Thompson says the journey is more than that.

“There’s a larger definition of culture that we’re trying to find, that’s not based on race, it’s not based on geography, it’s based on values, and values of kindness and caring and the things that are going to need to pave the road toward peace,” he explained.

Those who've joined the crew aboard Hokule’a on this incredible journey say it's about peace and aloha.

“They’re bringing a lot of aloha,” said Wyland, of the Wyland Foundation, “and the spirit of the canoe, when you get near her and you see her, it moves you to want to do something.”

After touring the Everglades, Hokule’a will journey up the east coast of the US Mainland.