Some businesses along Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City say they have been suffering because of the rail project.

“It gets pretty bad. The cars get really layered over with dust.”

For Michael Tubon, construction dust is like gold dust. He's been in business for six months and finds himself smack dab in the middle of the rail construction work on Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City.

Trucks running down the middle of the road kick up dust, which falls on cars, especially during rush hour traffic. And when cars get too dirty…

“They come and see me,” he said. “You know, they see me on the side and they get a quick wash while they wait.”

Tubon says he and his crew of three workers wash and detail about 15 cars a day.  

“I didn’t know it was going to be busy. I guess I just got lucky. It’s a perfect place with what’s going on with the rail right now.”

With a car dealership next door, business is never too far away. These cars need to be washed often to make them more attractive to customers.

Henry Mostoufi works at Cars 4 Less. He says he's not against the rail project and hopes drivers realize the work on Kamehameha Highway is only temporary.  

“Meanwhile everybody in the process got to suffer a little bit,” he said. “The dust thing is too much, absolutely at the moment, but eventually it’s all going to go away.”

Until then, it's a constant battle to stay ahead of the dust.