About 80 elementary and middle school robotics teams took part in the Hawaii State VEX IQ Championship today at the Convention Center.

Teams controlled their robots in various skills and teamwork challenges. It's a chance for students to demonstrate their grasp of science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts. 

Introduced just three years ago, Hawaii has had a 300 percent increase in the number of teams, including being one of only nine states with a 50 plus team increase in the past year.

“It’s like intense and it’s really fun just to drive the robot and have fun with our teammates, and it’s really good interacting,” said Kayliah Whittinghouse-Ramirez, one of the competitors.

Teams from seven elementary schools and seven middle schools will qualify to compete in the World VEX IQ Championship this April in Louisville.

“I am very excited about this. This is possibly the favorite time of my life so far right now,” said Daniel Eftink, another competitor.

Two teams that will be making that final trip are Sacred Hearts Academy for the elementary school division and Mililani for the middle school division.

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