HONOLULU - One drink, and you could be done -- over the limit and in serious trouble.

One Hawaii lawmaker wants to impose a DUI game-changer, lowering the limit below the .08 blood alcohol percentage used in all 50 states.

“By decreasing the threshold to .06, people should understand, do not drive.” Said Senator, Josh Green.

Senator Green is also an ER doctor and says he's seen more than his fair share of injuries and deaths linked to drinking and driving.

He says, this may be the most important thing he proposes this year, and could save lives.

Green thinks a lower limit would force people to think twice before ordering that cocktail or getting behind the wheel.

“By setting a standard like this at .06, people will get it more clearly in their minds that that’s what Hawaii believes.” He said.

Green also believes Hawaii can eventually work toward becoming a zero tolerance state, ideally making Hawaii the safest state to drive in.

DUI Defense attorney, Patrick McPherson says there may be a few kinks in the bill that need to be ironed out before it passes.

He said, “At .06 or close to .06, there is no definitive test that will allow an officer to determine if somebody is under the influence and establish probable cause for the arrest.”

Some fear lowering the BAC limit could criminalize social drinking, others say it’s for the best.

 Green realizes this could bog down the legal system, but says it's worth it.

“Let people realize that Hawaii puts teenagers and the lives of our loved ones and families first, over worrying about the court back-log.”