HONOLULU - Our state doesn't participate in the lottery, but that's not stopping a lot Hawaii residents from talking about it. Some of you are asking why doesn't Hawaii take a gamble on bringing the game here?

"I would love to have the lottery here. I might hit some day," said Johnny Coates, a resident of Red Hill.

The idea of bringing a lottery to Hawaii isn't something new. It's been turned down by lawmakers over and over again leaving many people wondering why.

"A lot of people bought tickets, so if we had one for ourselves, at least somebody would stay here instead of going to other states, you know what I mean?" said Honolulu resident Andre Medina.

Despite what some may think, Senator Sam Slom says part of the reason Hawaii is left out of the lotto is because it wouldn't make much money for the state and would actually come at a cost to people.

"In terms of social costs it adds more to welfare, more people who can't take care of themselves, more homeless," said Slom (R).

Other lawmakers don't deny that, but on the other hand, they believe the real reason Hawaii doesn't have a lottery is because of lobbyists from Las Vegas who don't want to see their city's revenue go down. In the meantime, some residents say Hawaii is left losing.

"Our office here... we bought 110 tickets, said Mililani resident Roy Kanemitsu. "One of my coworkers here, she moved to San Diego so she agreed to buy tickets for us."

With that hype carrying into this year, don't be surprised if lawmakers try to once again bring a lottery here.

"I think the feeling for those who were anti in the past is changing, and I think it's going to come. I don't know if it's going to be this year, but a lottery is going to come," said Representative Joe Souki, (D) Speaker of the House.

Now only one question remains: what are Hawaii's odds?